3 Awesome Social Media Hacks


In the era of social media, marketing your business on social media is super important. If you’re not doing it, your competitors will have a serious edge over you.


A lot of businesses are using social media, therefore standing out is not easy. In this post, we’re going to share with you 3 awesome social media hacks which will make you more productive, increase brand visibility, and number of followers.



1. Use If this, then that (IFTTT)



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IFTTT is an app designed to help social media marketers manage their time better. It does this by connecting your blogs, apps, social media profiles, and various other tools together.


How does connecting tools or apps together to help you become more productive? It helps you control multiple accounts simultaneously.


We’re going to use an example to illustrate how.


Let’s say you want to upload a post or change your profile pic on multiple social media accounts. Instead of logging into each account and uploading your profile pic separately, you can do this at once.


Simply go to IFTTT > press on profile pic > select all the accounts > select the photo > and press upload.



2. Invite people who like your post to your page


If you have a blog, then this simple hack could help you a lot with increasing your followers on social media.


The reason this hack is so effective is that people who already like your content on one platform will probably like your content on other platforms.


Why would they do it? Let’s look at it this way. If you really like the way your barber cuts your hair, if you want a facial would you go to your barber or to some other guy? (considering your barber provides facial).


Of course, you would go to your barber. You trust your barber skills and you wouldn’t want to risk getting a bad facial.


For this very reason, people who already like your content will probably like and follow your content on other platforms.



3. Use Hootsuite



Hootsuite cumple 10 años y supera los 17 millones de usuarios



Hootsuite is an app for social media managers. It helps you manage nearly all aspects of social media marketing from one place.


We’ve already told you why using multiple accounts from one place is beneficial. It helps you save time.


Hootsuite lets you control various aspects of your social media marketing from one place which can truly save you a tremendous amount of time.


We won’t tell you about all the features of Hootsuite, but we’ll tell you about a few so you can form a good idea about the effectiveness of this app.


  • Welcome new followers
  • Check what are the followers posting to understand what they like
  • Answer the questions of your followers
  • Assign a task to a capable member of your team
  • Set various feeds and column based on location and keywords


Now opening each account separately and performing the same task in a different way (because each platform works in a unique way) could take quite some time.


In Hootsuite, this is no issue because all platforms are available right in front of your eyes and the method for welcoming new followers or performing any other task for all platforms is the same.


Furthermore, social media platforms are designed to be addictive, so it’s easy to waste time by reading or watching something.


Since Hootsuite puts all platforms in front of your eyes and names of the tasks you have to perform are also visible, even if you get distracted by something you will immediately notice all the triggers reminding you to complete your work. This will significantly decrease your chances of getting distracted.



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