Navigating While Staying In Place





Because of Covid -19 (Coranavirus) the health concerns of the entire world has been intensified. In the U.S individual States have implemented precautions to keep citizens safe.  One common practice is “Stay In Place”.  Only essential travel, avoid crowds, public places and no up close personal interactions. Basically isolate yourself from other people.

Use of the internet has never been at higher level.  Entertainment such as movies on Netflix, Hulu, Prime and others have accelerated to new high in views. Social Media platforms  have been flooded with surfers and bloggers looking to fight “Staying In Place”. We, as humans, have strong desire to communicate and are experiencing other ways to get around. One way to navigate is by car. Gasoline as cheap as $1.45 in some places, fill up and ride around and enjoy the freedom


YouTube is one way to explore

Facebook  LinkedIn Twitter Instagram are active and alive with interactions with participant from all over the world. Post on Webtalk share with other platforms with one click. It’s easy and your creating revenue as you participate with Webtalks Ad Rewards Pool







There is a new kid on the block Webtalk  one that I use to contact, share and communicate with a community of users from the World over. A program that shares their revenues with it’s users.  



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