Coffee Shop Of The Week 5/13 Night Sky Coffee

Night Sky Coffee in Winder, Georgia



Nigh Sky Coffee Winder GA inside

Inside the new Night Sky Coffee roastery and cafe in Winder, Georgia. All images courtesy of Night Sky Coffee.

A small blue Diedrich  IR2.5 roaster affectionally named Little Dipper is the lodestar inside the newly opened roastery cafe of in Winder, Georgia. 

Modern chandeliers and pendant lights further illuminate the approximately 2,000-square-foot space inside a historic building that Night Sky now calls home, about an hour and a half east of Atlanta.  

Nigh Sky Coffee Winder GA seating

“We were keen on preserving its historical essence while infusing contemporary elements,” Night Sky Coffee Co-Founders Charlie and Millie Finch told Daily Coffee News via email. “Our vision was to evoke a sense of timeless familiarity, seamlessly integrating old-world charm with a modern twist.”

An astronomer for the United States Naval Observatory, Charlie Finch also handles much of the roasting operation, which happens in plain view of guests towards the back of the cafe. Guests can overlook the bar and roastery from high-top wooden bar chairs or settle into cozy furniture among potted plants and vintage decor. 

“Our roastery offers patrons a unique glimpse into the coffee making process, from roasting to packaging and distribution,” The Finches said. “This setup not only enhances customer experience but also pays homage to Winder, Georgia’s rich manufacturing heritage.”

Nigh Sky Coffee Winder GA clock

Green coffees come by way of Genuine Origin and 0ur own direct relationships with farmers, our current startup status presents logistical challenges,” the couple said. “Nevertheless, we take pride in showcasing unique offerings like our Guatemala blend, sourced from an all-female cooperative.”

Environmental sustainability is another focus of company, which packages its beans in partially compostable bags with compostable labels. Night Sky uses only phenol-free receipt paper, and it participates in the 1% for the planet initiative, among other efforts and investments.

Nigh Sky Coffee Winder GA front

“At the heart of our business philosophy lies a deep commitment to environmental stewardship,” said the Finches. “Understanding the significant role roasting plays in greenhouse gas emissions, we made a proactive decision to invest in an afterburner to mitigate the smoke generated by our operations.”

Previously a microbiologist in a clinical lab at the National Institutes of Health, Millie Finch now gives her full attention to the coffee shop, where fresh roasted coffees are ground by a Mahlkönig E80 GBW machine en route to a 2-group Nuova Simonelli espresso machine. Drip coffee comes through a Fetco batch brew system. The shop also offers Hario V60 pour-overs, as well as still and nitro cold brews. 

Nigh Sky Coffee Winder GA bar

With an adjoining 1,000 square feet of space reserved for expansion, Night Sky is hoping to add a Big Dipper Diedrich IR12 to join the Little Dipper, as soon as the stars align. 

“While expanding our wholesale offerings is part of our roadmap, our primary aim is to actively contribute to and support the community that has embraced us,” the Finches said. “We hold a deep affection for our community and are currently collaborating with Barrow County schools to establish an observatory site. Our hope is to provide a valuable educational resource for both the local community and schools.”



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