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Cruises and land excursions offer distinct experiences and have their own advantages and considerations. Here’s important info for the  two:

Review of Cruise Ship  

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Tips For Choosing Excursion Operators


  1. Destination Variety:
    • Cruises: Cruises allow you to visit multiple destinations within a single trip. You can explore different cities, countries, or even continents, depending on the cruise itinerary.
    • Land Excursions: While land excursions typically focus on a specific destination or region, they offer an opportunity to delve deeper into the local culture, history, and attractions.
  2. Travel Convenience:
    • Cruises: Cruises provide a convenient mode of transportation, as you only need to unpack once and the ship takes you from one port to another. You can enjoy onboard amenities, entertainment, and dining options during travel.
    • Land Excursions: Land excursions require more logistical planning and transportation arrangements between different locations. However, you have the flexibility to choose your preferred modes of transportation, such as trains, buses, or rental cars.
  3. Accommodation and Amenities:
    • Cruises: On a cruise, your accommodation, meals, and entertainment options are typically included in the package. You have access to various onboard facilities like swimming pools, spas, fitness centers, and entertainment venues.
    • Land Excursions: When opting for land excursions, you have a wider range of accommodation options, including hotels, guesthouses, or vacation rentals. While amenities vary depending on the chosen accommodation, you can often find more diverse dining and entertainment options on land.
  4. Freedom of Exploration:
    • Cruises: Cruises offer organized shore excursions that allow you to explore each port of call conveniently. These excursions are often guided tours with set itineraries, providing a structured experience.
    • Land Excursions: Land excursions offer more flexibility and freedom to design your own itinerary. You can choose to visit popular attractions or explore off-the-beaten-path locations at your own pace. This allows for a more personalized and immersive travel experience.
  5. Cost Considerations:
    • Cruises: Cruises often provide good value for money, as they bundle transportation, accommodation, meals, and some activities into a single package. However, additional expenses may include gratuities, alcoholic beverages, specialty dining, and optional shore excursions.
    • Land Excursions: Depending on the chosen accommodations, transportation, and activities, land excursions can vary in cost. While they offer flexibility in terms of budgeting, expenses like meals, transportation, and attractions need to be considered separately.

Ultimately, the choice between cruises and land excursions depends on personal preferences, travel goals, desired destinations, and the level of convenience and flexibility you seek. Some people enjoy the structured nature and onboard amenities of cruises, while others prefer the freedom and deeper immersion offered by land excursions.

In conclusion, both options provide a great travel experience. Cruises are offered with Ocean and River Cruises. One tip on excursions is to check the itinerary for lodging and check the website for the hotel for the particulars. Most are good choices but will differ with details.

I have traveled with Viking on River and Ocean Cruises and both were excellent. Some info here:

River Cruises       Ocean Cruises

Some options for Land Excursions:

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