The Allure of Repositioning Cruises

Setting Sail on Adventure: 

Ahoy, fellow travelers and seafarers! Today, we’re diving into a lesser-known gem of the cruising world: repositioning cruises. If you’re a wanderlust-driven soul looking for a unique way to explore multiple destinations while enjoying the luxury of a floating hotel, then repositioning cruises might just be your next perfect getaway.

What are Repositioning Cruises?

Repositioning cruises, also known as repo cruises or transatlantic cruises, are voyages that cruise ships undertake when moving from one region to another at the beginning or end of a season. For example, in the fall, ships may relocate from the Mediterranean to the Caribbean for the winter season, or from Alaska to Hawaii as seasons change.

Why Choose a Repositioning Cruise?

Extended Itineraries: Unlike traditional cruises that typically stick to one region, repositioning cruises span continents and oceans. Picture yourself sailing across the Atlantic or Pacific, with stops at ports you might not visit on a typical cruise.

Value for Money: Repositioning cruises often offer exceptional value due to their longer durations and one-way routes. Prices can be significantly lower than regular cruises, making them a budget-friendly option for those with flexible travel schedules.

    Seattle to Miami — cost-effective cruise with no International flights to and from ports 

Miami to Barcelona with numerous port calls  

Unique Experience: These cruises attract adventurous travelers seeking something beyond the ordinary. You’ll meet fellow explorers eager to soak in the journey, not just the destinations. Onboard activities and entertainment are tailored to longer days at sea, adding to the sense of adventure.

What to Expect Onboard?

Comfort and Luxury: Cruise lines that offer repositioning cruises are known for their luxurious accommodations and top-notch service. Expect spacious cabins, gourmet dining options, and a wide range of onboard activities to keep you entertained.

Relaxation and Exploration: With longer stretches at sea, you have ample time to unwind, read that book you’ve been meaning to finish, or participate in onboard workshops and lectures. The journey becomes as enriching as the destinations themselves.

Cultural Immersion: Depending on your itinerary, you may visit ports of call that are off the beaten path, offering authentic cultural experiences and opportunities to explore local cuisine, history, and traditions.

Tips for Making the Most of Your Repositioning Cruise:

Pack Smart: Since these cruises often span different climates, pack layers and essentials for both warm and cool weather.

Embrace the Journey: Use the extended time at sea to disconnect from the hustle and bustle of daily life. Enjoy sunset views, stargazing nights, and the therapeutic rhythm of the ocean.

Plan Shore Excursions: Research ports of call ahead of time and prioritize excursions that align with your interests. Whether it’s hiking in the Azores or wine tasting in Bordeaux, make the most of each stop.


Repositioning cruises offer a unique blend of adventure, luxury, and discovery. They’re perfect for travelers seeking a deeper, more immersive travel experience beyond the typical tourist trail. So, if you’re ready to set sail on a journey of a lifetime, consider booking a repositioning cruise and let the waves carry you to new horizons. Bon voyage!

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